Forensic video retrieval, search, analysis and reporting

for Law Enforcement and Security Operators.

Video evidence is critical, but retrieving it from multiple source formats and reviewing it used to take many frustrating and costly man hours and days of human effort.

Now with Kinesense’s solutions you can retrieve, search and prepare video evidence in minutes to speed investigations, reduce effort, and assure evidential integrity.

About Us

Kinesense Ltd develops CCTV video search, analysis and reporting solutions for the law enforcement and security markets. Specialising in Video Content Analytics (VCA) technology which enables the automatic detection of events in video, Kinesense solutions eliminate the time taken to watch and sift through hours of video for key events. This results in major time reductions and cost savings and delivers faster CCTV video investigations.

We create intuitive easy-to-use software but with sophisticated video search and analysis. Our software is based on decades of advanced research and testing and customer deployment.


Kinesense products are used by police forces and security agencies in over 25 countries, including Technical Support Units, Major Investigation Units, Counter Terrorism Units, Forensic Imaging Departments and frontline police.


Kinesense LE enabled us to deliver a complete video timeline of a high-profile murder case to the investigation team within 5 hours of the actual shooting event.
- Major Crimes Division

Kinesense delivers advanced video retrieval, search and analysis solutions for the security and law enforcement markets.