One of the big additions to version 4 is the ability to have multiple algorithms attached to one video and be able to select the separately on the timeline in Review.


To add a new algorithm to your video you’ll need to reprocess it. In either the Review or Add/Remove tab, right click on the video you want to add the new algorithm to and select Reprocess. You can also open the algorithm section of the video by clicking the Algorithms button and clicking the Reprocess button there.

Select the new algorithm you want from the list under Analysis Algorithm and select Reprocess. The video will then start reprocessing in the Add/Remove tab.

Algorithms in Review

In Review, to view the new algorithms select the Algorithms button  on the video and the algorithm list will open below the video. Then simply select the algorithm you want to view and the timeline will be updated.

By clicking on the button, more info is relieved about the algorithm. Here you can change the colour of the events on the timeline by clicking on the colour box. This will help determine which algorithm you are currently viewing. You can also edit the name of the algorithm by click the edit button that appears beside the name when you mouse over it.