See you at the EU Gateway Mission in South East Asia!

Kinesense is all set to participate in the EU Gateway Mission in South East Asia from17th-22nd June 2019. We will ...
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Martin O’Farrell joins the Kinesense team to help expand video analytics capabilities

Hi Everyone If I can introduce myself, I am Martin O’Farrell, the newly appointed law enforcement and security adviser for ...
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GDPR & CCTV; what do I have to redact?

In our previous article, What do the GDPR rules mean in relation to CCTV?, we looked at what the new 2018 ...
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Northumbria Police: A case study in the use of Frontline video forensics

Video forensics in the hands of Frontline? Is it possible and if so what are the advantages? Video forensic in the ...
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The Value of Video: how to derive operational insights from video

Cameras are all around us. They are in public places, shopping centres, buses and so on. Despite companies and governments ...
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Police bandwidth limits holding up adoption of video analytics in the cloud

Is 'Cloud' the future? The vast majority of video evidence is collected by investigators manually, physically moved back to the ...
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Kinesense Law Enforcement v3.1 out now!

Kinesense LE version 3.1 is available now and includes a large number of new features, covering 11 key areas of ...
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Blockchain and Digital Chain of Evidence

Kinesense is developing a new concept of secure chain of evidence based on Blockchain. The Kinesense video investigation platform - ...
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Why Kinesense?

We provide you with one platform to manage all your video Investigations tasks. By combining our smart video search technology with easy to use reporting functionality, investigators can generate leads faster.

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