Kinesense Law Enforcement v3.1 out now!

Kinesense LE version 3.1 is available now and includes a large number of new features, covering 11 key areas of ...
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Blockchain and Digital Chain of Evidence

Kinesense is developing a new concept of secure chain of evidence based on Blockchain. The Kinesense video investigation platform - ...
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Kinesense 3 levels of service

At Kinesense we’re committed to providing practical solutions to real problems. Which is why we not only offer products but ...
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Framework Agreement with EMSCU (East Midlands Strategic Commercial Unit)

Kinesense have been successful in securing a frame work agreement with East Midlands Strategic Commercial Unit (EMSCU) for the provision of ...
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The importance of the audit chain for video evidence

The importance of the audit chain for video evidence If you are using video in a court of law, it ...
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2017 in review and a look forward to 2018

Last year we released Version 3. We redesigned the back end of the Kinesense video investigation platform to enable more ...
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What do the GDPR rules mean in relation to CCTV?

It is hard to escape the news about the new General Data Protection Regulation GDPR rules. Why is it important? Well ...
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New open video investigation platform to link Police and Researchers

So we have launched an open platform initiative; what does it mean and why does it matter? The background When ...
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Why Kinesense?

We provide you with one platform to manage all your video Investigations tasks. By combining our smart video search technology with easy to use reporting functionality, investigators can generate leads faster.

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