Kinesense tips & tricks #45 – New in 3.2: Doorway Analysis

A few weeks ago we gave you a sneak peak of some of the new features in version 3.2. To ...
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Tips & Tricks 2019

To start off the new year (let's just forget about last week for the moment) we want to know if ...
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Kinesense tips & tricks #44 – Clarification: Stabilize and temporal median

Greeting my fellow Kinenerds and welcome to the first of 2019's tips and tricks blogs. To ease us back into ...
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Kinesense tips & tricks 2018 – A year in review

Since this will be the last tips & tricks of 2018 we thought it would be an idea to put ...
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Kinesense tips & tricks #43 – Milestone import

Taking a break from our epic journey through clarification this week to take a look at the importation of Milestone ...
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Kinesense tips & tricks #42 – Clarification: Deblur and superresolution

Having moved into the advanced section last week with histogram edits, The Clarification Chronicles continues this week by looking at the ...
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Kinesense tips & tricks #41 – Clarification: Histogram

Kinesense: The Clarification Chronicles continues with Histograms this week. A histogram is a graphical representation of the tonal distribution in ...
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Kinesense tips and tricks #40 – Clarification: Invert, gamma correction and split channel

This week on Kinesense: The Clarification Chronicles, we're going to look at inverting an image, gamma correction and splitting channels ...
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