Video analytics adoption; An end user guide

At a recent Joint Research Council ERNCIP meeting on Video Surveillance for Security of Critical Infrastructure, I was asked the ...
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Managing Digital Evidence in Courts

Having read the recent, JTC Bulletin: ‘Managing Digital Evidence in Courts’ report with interest. It is clear that courts have a number of issues to address ...
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Smart Video Investigation Platform Demand

CCTV is playing an increasingly important role in Law enforcement. This has been clear in recent terrorism events. You might ...
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Body worn footage: what do you see?

We previously wrote a blog about the backend implications of police force adoption of body worn camera's, see: There are ...
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Video Clarification: fact or fiction

At Kinesense, we frequently get requests to deblur or clarify images. The reality is that frequently very little can be ...
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Body-worn camera usage is growing but what are the police implications?

Body-worn cameras are increasingly being used by Police to record their activities and gather video evidence. The benefits promoted from ...
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Volume Crime CCTV Survey Results

CCTV is a useful source of evidence and intelligence for ‘volume’ or ‘petty crime’ incidents. However, there are lots of ...
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Kinesense’s eForensics Magazine Article

Kinesense's CTO Mark Sugrue was asked to contribute to eForensics magazine in order to help map out the minefield that ...
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