Kinesense tips and tricks #28 – Afterburner import

Importing Ovation Afterburner video, one of the many formats we've integrated, is a bit different than the other imports you'll ...
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Kinesense tips and tricks #27 – Options Menu: Sending logs

In the very rare occasion that something goes wrong with Kinesense and you need help from our amazing and very ...
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Kinesense tips and tricks #26 – Advance Import: Recording codec, frame rate and import mode

Back to the advanced import section this week. We've previously covered analysing a specific region and preprocessing scripts. Today we'll look at some ...
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Kinesense tips & tricks #25 – Options Menu: Manage Players Options

KinesenseLE and the standalone PlayerManager application contain a huge list of 3rd party CCTV players in a 'player library'. If ...
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Kinesense tips & tricks #24 – Named Users and Logins

Since we've managed to stave off melting for another week we're going to talk today about adding named users to ...
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Kinesense tips & tricks #23 – PlayerManager improvements

Before the Kinesense team and all our computers melt in this warm Summer weather we're going to go over some ...
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Kinesense tips & tricks #22 – File security

Last week we talk about one of the ways Kinesense helps you track your video and prove it's not being ...
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Kinesense tips & tricks #21 – Disclosure reports

In an age where any actor can be replaced in a film with Nicolas Cage(what a time to be alive!), it ...
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