Kinesense tips and tricks #10 – Advanced Import: Preprocess Scripts

Importing videos into Kinesense can be a tricky business, sometimes a little extra help is needed before the video will ...
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Kinesense tips and tricks #9 – Settings Editor: Digital Evidence Info

A few weeks back we talked about adding evidence info to a report and that this information can be customised. Setting the ...
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Kinesense tips and tricks #8 – Adjust video start time

Every so often you import a video and for whatever reason the start time is needs to be changed. The ...
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Kinesense tips and tricks #7 – Add evidence info to report

If you've ever imported a video into Kinesense you've probably noticed the Evidence Information page towards the end of the ...
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Kinesense tips and tricks #6 – Locking and Hiding Annotations

First off - apologies for the delay to this weeks tips and tricks blog post. Our Dublin office was hit ...
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Kinesense tips and tricks #5 – Resize Report Window

There is a lot of functionality in LE's Report tab. And all that functionality tends to take up space which, ...
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Kinesense Tips and Tricks #4 – Advanced Screen Capture Options

The Screen Capture tool has an advanced options section where, before capture begins, the user can set an override for ...
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Kinesense tips and tricks #3 – Re-Number

Re-numbering is a handy little button that can help make dealing with report clips a little easier. When adding a ...
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