A new update for Kinesense LE is now available for download from the Customer and Partner portals. In addition to the new v2.5 features below, we have also improved, updated and added the following.

  • Import – Integration with Player Application for importing new types of CCTV files
  • Import – Support for Swann & Luxrite camera’s
  • Import – Updated Timespace X300 support
  • Import – Batch processing updates
  • Tags – Export of suspect Tags to MS Word Doc
  • Tags -Share suspect profiles across cases
  • Tags – Import of Point-of-Sale data for enhanced data exploitation
  • Report – Make HD (1080p) video reports
  • Report – Support for Panasonic DVD S29 players
  • Clarifications – New ‘Unskew’ filter

Kinesense LE V2.5 also includes the following new features

  • New video clarification tab
  • Audio Importation, storyboarding & export support
  • Direct export to IBM Analyst Notebook
  • Kinesense advantage calculator
  • Enhanced automatic and staged disclosure reporting
  • Extended suspect tagging and lifestyle profiling options
  • Addition of 400 new virtualised players
  • Kinesense LE now includes CS options for recorder support

To receive a demonstration contact info@kinesense-vca.com