Forensic Video Services

CCTV is a hugely important source of vital evidence in both civil and criminal cases, but it is also technically challenging and very time consuming to deal with. Our team of specialists can help you deal with video, from capture to court, ensuring you get the most from your video evidence. Working with police, insurance companies, attorneys and the legal profession, we can turn raw CCTV into court-ready evidence.

Kinesense KES

Video Conversion

Do you have a video file that you can’t play? Due to a lack of standardisation and the proliferation of thousands of different proprietary formats, it is often difficult to simply open a video file and view it. Kinesense’s specialists can open and play any CCTV video file and send you converted copy you can play on any PC.

All you need to do is upload the problem video file to our servers, and well send you back an easy-to-play version within a few hours.

We have also developed the Kinesense PlayerManager, a unique library of video formats containing hundreds of different players, playing thousands of video formats. To find out about PlayerManager check our

Kinesense Covert Suite


The general data protection regulation (GDPR) is a new EU-wide law that comes into force on the 25th of May 2018. GDPR replaces the existing data protection rules in Ireland and the UK and applies to all companies holding personal data. Personal data includes any information on individuals. CCTV is considered personal information if a person’s face is visible, or if a vehicle license plate can be read. For example, if you are releasing video to a customer or member of staff, you must blur or redact all images of other individuals that may have been recorded.

At Kinesense, we can help with your CCTV needs with a wide range of services to offer e.g. face redaction, blurring etc. Contact Kinesense today to find out more.

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Event Detection

Do you have hours of video you need to review? Sifting through video is a very time consuming task. Using innovative search tools can help to quickly find key events in video, meaning fast results. At Kinesense we can analyse your video and tag key events in hundreds of hours of video.

Our event detection software can also be purchased by those wanting to do their own work. See Kinesense/Products for more details.

Kinesense Player Manager

Image Enhancement

Do you have a car registration plate you can’t read? Our CCTV specialists can clarify images and video so that you can get a clear picture.

Kinesense Forensic Video Analysis

Video Storyboarding

Do you need to create a report for court? Kinesense can compile a video and image report quickly whilst ensuring the chain of evidence. The last thing you want in court is to have your evidence refuted because you have not adhered to the correct protocols. Not only do we provide our customers with viewable video, storyboarded to present evidence in an intuitive manner, we provide full disclosure reports.

Kinesense Player Manager

Collision Investigation

One of the main reasons for vehicle collisions is speed. Using unique software we can analyse CCTV to see how fast a vehicle may have been travelling. Contact us to find out more.

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Video Redaction

Do you need to blur or highlight individuals or events in video? We provide redaction services which means that you can use video evidence to make your case but protect the privacy of others who may appear in the video.

How it Works

Send Kinesense the video files and instructions via DVD or alternative media, or upload your