Kinesense DEM

Kinesense DEM Kinesense Digital Evidence Management (DEM) solution for police is designed to make asset and especially video evidence management ...
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Using CCTV to help during COVID-19

Using CCTV to help during COVID-19 Covid-19 has created extensive pressure across the world for the government, companies and individuals ...
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Online Training & Learning Options

We have always made training a core component of our offering, but we have upped our game to help you ...
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Complimentary Licences to Enable Working from Home

You have been sent to work from home. You might have even been provided with a laptop. The problem is ...
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Open Video Investigation covered by Milipol

We are delight to have caught the attention of Milipol journalists with out new open platform initiative. For those of ...
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New open video investigation platform to link Police and Researchers

So we have launched an open platform initiative; what does it mean and why does it matter? The background When ...
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Asmag Article: “Low-quality video? There‚Äôs an analytics solution for that too”

Thanks to Asmag for highlighting the problem with CCTV analysis for the public sector and for explaining Kinesense's role in ...
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Policing Insight Article

See our recent published article in Policing Insight. If you are interested in learning more about how to make video ...
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Why Kinesense?

We provide you with one platform to manage all your video Investigations tasks. By combining our smart video search technology with easy to use reporting functionality, investigators can generate leads faster.

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