Sometimes you need to move your KinesenseLE license to a new PC – and this is quick and easy. (Note: if you are using a license server, you don’t need to do anything – this Tip&Trick is for local PC licenses).

Step 1: Delete the license from your old PC and send us the deletion code

You can do this from the Options->About Kinesense dialog.  Then expand the license section. You will see a ‘bin’ icon.

How to delete a license key


Click this to delete your current license. It will show you a Deletion code – email this to the Kinesense Tech Support team. We will use it to update our records, and so we can generate a replacement key for your new PC.

Step 2: Now that you have removed the old key, you need to generate a new key for your new PC.

Install KinesenseLE on your new PC (if you haven’t done so already). In the About Kinesense dialog, under License, note down the new License Request code and sent this to us – we will use this to generate a license key for the new PC.