Kinesense has gotten a bit of a makeover for version 4. Continuing on from the revamping of the video list in version 3.4, the icons, tabs and timelines have all been brought into the 2020’s. None of the functionality has really changed apart from the Filters tab and moving of some buttons like the locations of buttons in the review tab and disclosure buttons in to the report tabs. These buttons have become much easier for the user to find.

Drive Performance & Space

As part of the new look the status bar has moved to the bottom of the Kinesense window and a disk size and speed indicator has been added to the right. Mouse over to find out how much space you have left on the drive that’s currently housing the opened database and the current speed of that drive. If the drive is very slow the icon will turn yellow or red, depending on how slow it is. The same will happen to the size indicator if the drive is running out of space.

Filters in Review

The Filters tab has been removed from Kinesense and all the functionality has been moved into the Review tab, meaning you no longer have to navigate to a different tab to create a filter while you’re reviewing a video.

To create or edit a filter, first select the video you wish to edit the filter on and select Filters . Filter info will pop down under the selected video and if you have already created a filter for this video, they will be shown there and can be selected. Click the Enter Filter Mode button to change the Review tab mode from review mode to filter mode.

On the right hand side the review toolbar will be replace by the filter toolbar. Here you’ll be able to see all the different filter properties that can be edited if you currently have a filter selected. The behaviour section only appears if the video has been imported using the object classification algorithm.

The filter info section will now show the Add Filter button, which opens up the same filter wizard as before, and Exit Filter Mode button allowing the user to go back the review mode, and icons on any existing filters allowing the user to delete the filter of save it if any edits have been made.