In version 4 the Word export for tags has been changed to function more like file exports from tags with some extra features. All the columns in tags can now be exported, along with an image, custom columns from the evidence info section of the video and a blank column. A template can also be applied to the Word document. Most of this functionality was already in Kinesense but in order to access it you had edit it in the Settings Editor.


To add a new field click the Add button at the bottom of the Word Export Window. Give the column a name and then choose a column type. Default will let you choose any of the columns in the tags tab. Image will add the thumbnail image of the tag. Custom will let you add info from the videos you’ve tagged. A dropdown list Source will appear giving you all the current metadata fields you can choose from. These are the fields added either in the video evidence page in the import wizard or in the metadata section of the video info once the video has been imported. Blank lets you add a blank column that you can fill in later yourself in Word. Other options in the add window include added default text that will show up if there is no date for that tag and data format that allows you to enter in a format for how you want dates to appear.

Editing Columns

To hide a column but keep it in the list, uncheck the checkbox on the left. This will still slow up in the Word Export Window but not in your Word report. To remove the column altogether click the delete button . The arrow buttons will let you change where the column appears in the Word report. You can change the name by editing the text box containing the name but if you want to change more things like the type a source click the edit button This will bring up the add window from before but with the current info filled in.


A Word template can now be added to the tag export. To add one click the expander beside Template at the top of the window. Click Browse to find your template, either a .dotx or .dot file, and select it. Make sure the checkbox is selected and then export your file. This can also be added into the settings file.


The setting for the tag Word report have also been changed now that some of it has been moved to Kinesense itself. You can also add in a template, add a footer and add page numbers. The additional headers work the same as before.