Frame rate calculator in Preview Page

In the Preview page of the Add Video Wizard there is now (from version 4.0) a new ‘frame rate calculator’ tool.

This is a useful tool for videos which have been recorded at an incorrect frame rate (i.e. videos which playback too fast or too slow). If the video frame has a visible timestamp, note down the time shown. Use the ‘Next’ or ‘Previous’ frame buttons to find the first frame of a new second and click ‘Pin Current Time’. Use the magifier button on the right-hand side to zoom in if needed.

Then use the ‘Next’ button to play the video forward until you find the first frame of the next new second. You will notice that the ‘frame per second’ calculation updates as you change frames. Click ‘Use Override Frame Rate’ to accept the displayed framerate. This will be used when importing the video to the Review timeline.

Preset Profiles

Preset Analysis Profiles allow you to save time when repeatedly importing similar videos. To save the current settings for next time, click ‘Add New Profile’. When next using the wizard, simply click the saved profile to reuse those settings.