Face search and recongition


Police are increasingly dealing with video from many different sources (mobile, CCTV, BodyWorn etc). The vast amount of video to be watched, significantly delays finding actionable intelligence faster. With video quality improving, facial recognition technology becomes a reality. Kinesense has integrated face recognition leading algorithms evaluated by US National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) […]

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Kinesense Version 3 Smarter CCTV Investigations

Over the last 9 years we have been working with international law enforcement agencies to help them exploit video material for intelligence and evidential purposes. More recently, there has been a shift in the challenges faced by investigators. In Version 3, we addressed these challenges.  We altered the backbone of our platform to greater collaboration, […]

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The Surveillance and Forensics Technology Roadshow™

The UK Surveillance and Forensics Technology Roadshow takes place 6 times a year in the UK. Now administered by Ovation Systems, the roadshow allows members of police forces and other government agencies to view the latest surveillance and audio/video forensics hardware and software in a private environment so that visitors can discuss equipment and operational […]

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Policing Insight Article

See our recent published article in Policing Insight. If you are interested in learning more about how to make video investigations more effective and efficient in a greater digital asset context, ask us about booking into our of our CCTV workshops.

Film review: Why forces need a video evidence strategy

Smarter Video Investigations

Five key considerations

Video evidence is a key area where police agencies can make […]

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Kinesense Training & Workshops

With the advent of ISO 17025, video training is becoming more imperative than ever. Kinesense are arrange a number of workshops and training sessions in 2017.

Product Core Training: Suitable for users of Kinesense Video Investigation software to enable video investigations from import to reporting.  This course will take place over 1 day.

Attendees will be introduced […]

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Kinesense partner with Teel Technologies

Kinesense partner with Teel Technologies to strengthen its position in Canada and North American market.

Teel Technologies Canada offers a wide variety of digital forensic training courses, tools & equipment, and services, to the digital forensics community.

Sarah Doyle, Kinesense CEO outlines

Our aim is to not only to provide cutting edge tools for video investigations but importantly […]

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Kinesense LE Version 3 release!

We are delighted to announce the release of Kinesense LE V3.  There are lots of new features. Most importantly V3 supports simultaneous user collaboration, key to investigating video when major incidents happen.

New features include:

Simultaneous user database access

Perfect for major incident investigations, users can now collaborate with each other on the same case, sharing the task […]

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Study on the Value of CCTV in Investigations

The effectiveness of CCTV is a long-debated question. Some studies highlight the benefits while others suggest it to be a waste of public money.

It was with great interest that I read a recent publication by Nottingham Trent University. This study sought to answer a question close to my heart, how valuable is CCTV as an […]

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Video analytics adoption; An end user guide

At a recent Joint Research Council ERNCIP meeting on Video Surveillance for Security of Critical Infrastructure, I was asked the questions, “Why did you get involved in this group?”. My immediate response was “to build a bridge between video analytics research and end users” or putting it another way to ‘Cross the Chasm’ (as per […]

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Managing Digital Evidence in Courts

Having read the recent, JTC Bulletin: ‘Managing Digital Evidence in Courts’ report with interest. It is clear that courts have a number of issues to address in relation to CCTV.

JTC Bulletin: ‘Managing Digital Evidence in Courts’

The report highlights a number of key issues such as video storage, chain of custody, privacy etc. One of the key issues mentioned in the report […]

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