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Northumbria Police: A case study in the use of Frontline video forensics

Video forensics in the hands of Frontline? Is it possible and if so what are the advantages?

Video forensic in the hands of specialists is common practice. Surveillance and major investigation teams are big users of video investigation tools – but what about force wide deployment?

Frontline police typically deal with petty crimes (also know as volume or […]

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Kinesense Law Enforcement v3.1 out now!

Kinesense LE version 3.1 is available now and includes a large number of new features, covering 11 key areas of the platform. Log into the Partner Portal or Customer Portal for full details.

Some highlights:

Audio Annotation
Vehicle Collision Toolkit
New Algorithm SDK for 3rd Party Integration
New support for NEC, Vemotion, Genetec, Milestone and Ovation Flashback 4G

If you would […]

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Kinesense LE Version 3 release!

We are delighted to announce the release of Kinesense LE V3.  There are lots of new features. Most importantly V3 supports simultaneous user collaboration, key to investigating video when major incidents happen.

New features include:

Simultaneous user database access

Perfect for major incident investigations, users can now collaborate with each other on the same case, sharing the task […]

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P-REACT Final Demonstrations

Final trials of the P-REACT solution took place in Athens on the 25th February and in Bologna on the 31st March.

The innovative smart cloud video surveillance solution detects potential crime incidents and alerts the relevant personnel. The solution encompasses intelligent video and audio sensors and a cloud based monitoring and storage platform.

The trials were attended […]

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Kinesense PlayerManager v2.5 released

A new update for Kinesense PlayerManager is available.

Changes include a huge speed improvement and new admin/client features that allow for easier and secure rollout across your dept or team network.

We also added hundreds of new players to the PlayerLibrary, all neatly virtualised to make them secure and reliable. And as always, the library is […]

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Kinesense launches LE V2.5

We have been busy at Kinesense in the last few months. To meet customer requests, we have been working on a number of new features.

Kinesense LE V2.5 now includes the following new features

New video clarification tab
Audio Importation, storyboarding & export support
Direct export to IBM Analyst Notebook
Kinesense advantage calculator
Enhanced automatic and staged disclosure reporting
Extended suspect tagging […]

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PlayerManager Version 2 now out!

Kinesense is delighted to announce our new version of PlayerManager. Version 2 comes with a host of new features to make it even easier to play CCTV video files, including:

Player virtualization to protect your computer and network
Operation across a network – keep all players centrally, with no need to install
Improved ‘Search disk’ feature for finding […]

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Kinesense New Features

Kinesense have launched significant new features into our Forensic Video Investigation Suite

Automatic Disclosure and Viewing Reports
New Player Manager and Import system
Support for Timespace™ and Covidence™ Recorders
Video Storyboarding for easy report creation
Suspect Tagging for Intelligence Mapping
Easy video and image Spotlighting and Annotation

If you’d like to speak to a Sales Representative, simply call +44 (0) 20 […]

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New Product: PlayerManager

Kinesense is proud to announce the launch of our new product: Kinesense PlayerManager

Kinesense PlayerManager is an exciting new tool to help Law Enforcement Imaging and CCTV departments search, organize and sync their collections of 3rd party CCTV player applications.

PlayerManager comes preloaded with a database with information on 100s of players and file formats but also […]

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CovertSuite 1.6 now released!

Kinesense CovertSuite version 1.6 has just been released.

New Features:

Afterburner 2 and Afterburner International now supported.
Import directly from the Afterburner harddrive; up to 30 recordings in one batch

Afterburner 2 recording formats are now supported
Option to demultiplex Afterburner 2 recordings
Deinterlace support on DVD and AVI export
Local time now on video report […]

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