Kinesense CovertSuite version 1.6 has just been released.

New Features:

  • Afterburner 2 and Afterburner International now supported.
  • Import directly from the Afterburner harddrive; up to 30 recordings in one batch
  • Afterburner 2 recording formats are now supported
  • Option to demultiplex Afterburner 2 recordings
  • Deinterlace support on DVD and AVI export
  • Local time now on video report title slide
  • Auto-groups Afterburner DVDs by recording
  • Copy Filter to a new video
  • Option to keep a working copy of imported DVD on hard disk
  • Move/Rename video Groups. Drag and drop function for organising videos
  • Timeline now includes the log from each Afterburner recording
  • Import log now visible from recording notes

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