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Detectives are presented with video data on a daily basis. CCTV is used to verify victim, suspect and witness statements. An image or video can provide key evidence and facilitate prosecutions. However, the issue for law enforcement agencies is the time and effort required to retrieve, view, analyse and report on video footage as evidence. Kinesense’s solutions have been designed with police to help them deal with video evidence from capture to court.

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Act on evidence quickly

Security Agency

If you are part of a security agency, please contact our team for more information at

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scan large volumes quickly

CCTV Specialist

CCTV is recorded in thousands of different formats around the world. In order to review and play video evidence, Imaging specialists are frequently required to source and download new layers. This process can be time consuming and frustrating. The Kinesense PlayerManager is a unique piece of software that enables the sorting, storage and sharing of video players in a virtualised form. Furthermore, Kinesenses reporting functionality enables rapid annotation, storyboarding, video clarifications and much more to ensure court ready reporting.

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frustrated with storing

Security Manager

If you are operating a control room, you will have to review video on a daily basis.

The Kinesense Investigation solution is integrated with leading VMS solutions like Milestone to enable you to directly access you video data for operational exploitation.

When an incident occurs you can rapidly analyse footage to find key events.

To learn how to get more from CCTV, contact us today.

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Security Manager


As per GDPR rules, if you have a data access request for CCTV, it is mandatory
for you to redact, blur, darken or pixilate other parties who appear in the
video. Kinesense Redact enables you to import any video format and redact
faces, licence plates, or other sensitive information.

Shops and retail outlets can make better use of CCTV for security and
operational purposes.

Shoplifting, slip and fall claims, criminal damage and theft are all issues for

Using our Kinesense Redact solution the right image can be quickly found to
provide key evidence and facilitate prosecutions.

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Traffic Analyst

Kinesense Collision Investigation Toolkit enables investigators to quickly retrieve CCTV and automatically calculate vehicle speed when investigating road accidents. It makes it easy to utilise video in traffic incidents.

We have worked on a number of traffic investigation projects including red light infringement analysis. Contact us to discuss your specific requirements.

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Traffic Analyst