Kinesense Face Detection & Face Recognition

Face detection, matching and recognition is just one of the analytic modules that can be added on to the Kinesense Video Investigation Solution. Automatically find and extract faces in video to save time reviewing footage. Identify a suspect by finding matches against the watch list database.

Face Detection & attribute module: 

The solution finds and extracts faces in the video. These faces can then be filtered by:
• by age
• by gender
• by wearing glasses/no glasses

Face Recognition module:

The solution can analyse video to find all faces in the video. These faces are then compared to a known database of suspects or person of interest which have been enrolled into the suspect database. When there is a potential match, it will be highlighted to the analyst.

This solution is available as a standalone solution or as part of the Kinesense Enterprise Solution.

Ideal for:

  • Technical support units
  • Counter terror units
  • Covert surveillance
  • Intelligence services

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