CCTV is playing an increasingly important role in Law enforcement. This has been clear in recent terrorism events. You might recall “the man in the hat” from the terrorist attack in Brussels. CCTV images highlighted the key perpetrators just minutes before the explosion.  The image of the man in the hat was ingrained in everyone’s mind over the next few weeks.


Indeed, having worked with Law enforcement over the last 6 years, the demand for tools to help get the most out of video has never been higher.  Some of the bigger players have started make an offering in this space, such as Safran Morpho Video Investigator (MVI) who are focusing on video analytics or Taser is focusing on digital asset management. Other Kinesense competitors who are offering video synopsis include Briefcam or new start ups like Seequestor.


What is encouraging to see is that Law enforcement are thinking about scale and how they organise video investigations. What used to be the domain of video experts, is now being undertaken by non-experts. Of course the reality is that video data is not always straight forward to deal with. Propriety formats, large data size and quality issues all mean that video is not necessarily easy to deal with.  So the skills of video experts need to be combined with those who are tasked with others


When Kinesense started to provide video investigation tools in 2010, we combined our smart video search algorithms with the ability to import various formats. Over the years we worked closely with users to offer a range of features to meet the needs various needs at different stages of the video investigation process.  Our suspect tagging features enables reviewers to create profiles for key people of interest. Our video reporting functionality enables officers to redact and clarify images and storyboard for court purposes.


Recently, due to the growth in demand for a scalable video investigation solution, we introduced KES – Kinesense Enterprise Solution. This is a platform that can be used across a force to manage video from capture to court.  When you use the platform networked stored video can be accessed by those who need it, eliminating the physical transfer of data across an organisation. The platform enables management to plan resource allocation and staffing.


We understand that customers need these tools quickly and can’t wait to obtain funding for a large scale force wide solution and so Kinesense can be rolled out incrementally. Kinesense KES is available on a subscription basis without paying capital licence fees.


We have the most feature rich platform that deals with all stages of video investigation from capture to court. In the next three months we have some exciting new updates to announce including the addition of facial recognition, simultaneous user access to the same video and much more.

Stay tuned!!