Having read the recent, JTC Bulletin: ‘Managing Digital Evidence in Courts’ report with interest. It is clear that courts have a number of issues to address in relation to CCTV.

JTC Bulletin: ‘Managing Digital Evidence in Courts’

The report highlights a number of key issues such as video storage, chain of custody, privacy etc. One of the key issues mentioned in the report is the issue of proprietary formats and native players. The report outlines that best practice is not to convert and submit video in its original format “the general conclusion is that it is dangerous to convert formats at all. Rather, it is better to submit the video in it original format with the native player for that format

However, it goes on to say “Courts cannot afford to acquire the large number of proprietary players required to access the many different video formats” and “submitting video in its original format raises a number of significant issues

So, my question is in your area do you convert or submit original video with player?

I am glad to say that Kinesense has worked with international police agencies for a number of year now and have collected nearly a 1000 players. Furthermore, we have undertaken a process of virtualising players, so technical issues such as having the right operating systems to use the player, security concerns relating to executable programs are eliminated

See http://getplayermanager.com/ for more detail

Our Kinesense LE solution can also help to convert CCTV according to chain of evidence practices.

If you are wondering what all the fuss with proprietary format is about see CCTV Minefield