Version 4 includes more than just updated to the physical appearance of the Reports tab. Users can now export to PowerPoint, rotate a spotlight annotation, open a clip in Clarifications directly from the Video Report tab and there is a whole new tab called Authentication that lets users use tools to determine if images have been tampered with. A detailed look into the Authentication tab can be found here.



In the Image Report tab there is now the option to export to PowerPoint in the Export section.

As with the PDF and Word reports you can include the history, comments and hash of the image. Title pages and note pages can be added like the other exports and like the Word report a template can be added.

The resulting presentation cause be edited it PowerPoint. Like the Word report, if you don’t have PowerPoint installed on your machine you’ll still be able to create a report in Kinesense.

Rotate Spotlight

Spotlight annotations can now to rotated to match the angle of the object the user is trying to highlight or blur.

Below the option to change the colour and the shape of the spotlight, there is  now an slider that changes the angle.

Picture in Picture Start Time

When adding a picture in picture annotation, if the clip being added start time falls within the start time of the clip being annotated then it will appear at that time by default instead of at the start of the annotation. If the time is outside the annotated clips scope then it will appear at the start like it used to.

Clarify Selected

A button has been added to the clip details for a selected video clip that allows you to directly open that clip in the Clarification tab without having to go to the Clarification tab and selecting it from the video source list.