Sometimes you will need to install Kinesense on a PC without an internet connection. Did you know you can use the Kinesense Download Manager to make an offline installer?

You will need:

1. Copy of the Kinesense Download Manager
2. A USB key with at least 16GB free space.

To create an offline install USB key follow these steps:

1. Insert the USB stick into a PC with a good internet connection and copy the KinesenseDownloadManagerV4.exe application to it.
2. Run the Kinesense Download Manager and grant it Administrator rights.
3. Click ‘Advanced’ and then check the ‘Download Only’ box. Then click “Download selected”

4. The download manager will download everything needed to the USB stick.
If you want to download the optional ‘VMS Plugins’, ‘Deep learning plugins’, etc, just change the dropdown to those options and again, click ‘Download Selected’.
5. When download is finished, eject the USB stick and bring it the unconnected PC.
6. Run Download manager again and this time, click “install selected” – it will now install from the USB without needing an internet connection.