We are delighted to announce the release of Kinesense LE V3.  There are lots of new features. Most importantly V3 supports simultaneous user collaboration, key to investigating video when major incidents happen.

New features include:

  • Simultaneous user database access

Perfect for major incident investigations, users can now collaborate with each other on the same case, sharing the task of reviewing video and creating viewing logs

  • Faster HD imports & scalability 

Now more than 3 times faster than before, HD can be imported quicker,  so you have your results sooner

  • Smaller database size

Choose H264 compression for up to 90% storage savings

  • Import audio files

Not only do we support audio importation with video, now you can import audio only files to complete your storyboard

  • Change times of videos after import

A familiar problem is that a video is displaying the incorrect time. You can now import a video, alter the time to display on the real timeline, whilst logging your changes in disclosure reporting

  • Annotation improvements

Integral to current data protection legislation, video reaction has been made easier

  • Tags improvements

Greater search flexibility in your viewing log to export compilations quickly

  • New clarification filters

Make use of new filters like Super-resolution, lens distortion etc.

  • Kinesense DVD menu

Export your video compilation directly to a DVD chaptering template

  • Advanced export options (AVI, MP4, MOV etc)

Choose your export option 

  • Ability to customise your settings easily

We have added an easy to use Admin configuration tool that can help you customise lots of functions including logos, report templates, keyboard control shortcuts and so much more

  • Download missing players to ‘Manage Players’ tab

Get access to the latest Players from Kinesense by directly downloading them