On 1st and 2nd, October Kinesense will be bringing their industry-leading video analytics solution to the US at a unique event specifically for Government Agencies, Law Enforcement, Homeland Security and Military professionals.

Built on the four pillars of Covert Detection, Covert Surveillance, Covert Interception, and Counter Measures, the CTE-Q event will be hosted in Washington DC and brings users of covert technology face-to-face with a select group of manufacturers of world-leading covert surveillance technologies from the United Kingdom.


Kinesense is used by over 100 police forces and security agencies worldwide and is the number 1 solution used by the UK police for rapidly searching and detecting key events from a vast range of covert and CCTV video sources, saving users up to 95% time compared to manually viewing 10s or even 100s of hours of video footage.


To visit CTE-Q and learn how Kinesense can benefit your agency please visit https://www.cte-q.com/ to register or email us directly at info@kinesense-vca.com to inquire about setting up a free trial today.