With the new year coming at us faster than anyone would like, we’re here today to give you a preview of some of the new features coming to the LE 3.3. In future posts we’ll go into more detail about each of these features but for the moment here is a taster of some of the big ones.


Our big new feature for 3.3. With our new mapping functionality, you’ll be able to add maps and cameras, view your tags for each camera on the maps and export your results to a report.

Object detection advancements

The object detection algorithm has been improved for detecting cars and people. We are still constantly improving this algorithm and are always looking for more real-world data to help training. If you’d like to help with this please check out the previous blog post with details about how to join our program.

We’ve also added integration with YOLO which helps find a lot more categories of objects like backpacks, bicycles, buses, handbags and motorbikes.

Picture in Picture


Picture in Picture allows you to put another clip or image on top of an existing clip.

Pop-out tabs

By double clicking on a tab you’ll now be able to pop that tab out into it’s own window. If you have multiple monitors your be able to have multiple LE tabs open on different screens.

Preview video in import wizard

You’ll now have the ability to view a preview of the video in the import wizard. LE may suggest a higher analysis profile based on the resolution of the video.

Annotation Improvements

More features have been added to annotations. The level of transparency can be changed by adjusting the strength. You can now give your annotations a name which is displayed on the left hand side of the annotation. We’ve also done some improvements in the background that should speed up annotations.

This is just a preview of some of the fun new stuff coming to LE version 3.3. Closer to release we’ll do a deeper dive into these new features and tell you about even more cool new additions.