Kinesense DEM


Kinesense DEM


Kinesense Digital Evidence Management (DEM) solution for police is designed to make asset and especially video evidence management even easier.

The digitalisation of evidence management is on every police force’s agenda, but the outbreak of COVD-19 has made it an urgent consideration. Let’s take a look at why deploying a digital asset and evidence is more important than ever.

Eliminate physical evidence USB’s, disk and other physical devices

Collecting and collating evidence is a major problem to be tackled by the police.  At the best of times, it is difficult to physically transfer evidence from one point to the next. Most of the time it is done using disks or encrypted USBs. Nearly every police officer can lament there is “Not enough encrypted USB sticks to go around”. Not only do officers have to contend with a lack of supply of media, but they must also ensure all chain of evidence protocols are undertaken including bagging and tagging media. It’s an arduous process at the best of times. If you don’t want to add disinfecting protocols in, why not digitalise the entire process. It’s completely possible using Kinesense Digital Asset Management.

The Kinesense DEM can enable an officer to upload any digital asset including video. It can also be used to enable trusted partners to share evidence with you without driving around to collect it.

 Enable your staff to work wherever they are

Evidence and assets are accessed on a daily basis by the police. One simple location where officers can log on and see resources relevant to their cases and workload is imperative. Even more important is their ability to be able to review and analyse in collaboration with their colleagues.

The Kinesense DEM is web-based so it can be run on a desktop PC/Mac, laptop, tablet or mobile device making assets and evidence accessible wherever an officer may be. Its simple interface means that it is easy for officers to log on and review what needs to be done, even from home.

Eliminate face to face contact with prosecutors

One of the main impetus for deploying digital asset management is to facilitate sharing with the criminal prosecution service. We all need to make sure we adhere to guidelines and eliminate as much face to face contact as possible. The Kinesense DEM enables you to do this.

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