Using CCTV to help during COVID-19


Investigate Lockdown Conformity


Covid-19 has created extensive pressure across the world for the government, companies and individuals. There is and will be increasing pressure on the police, majors and local authorities to ensure that everyone is adhering to policies, helping to limit the spread of the virus while keeping the privacy of our citizens in check.

Kinesense develops artificial intelligence solutions for video. Our solutions may be of interest to you as you work with police to help minimise the time spend watching and investigating incidents.

Activity Monitoring

Automatically analyse activity levels using video analysis analytics and identify zones in your city where people are not adhering to lockdowns.

Fly-tipping/ Illegal dumping

With recycling and other waste disposal options being reduced, fly-tipping will increase. Use Kinesense LE to find culprits of dumping and enable prosecutions.

Robbery/ Vandalism

With businesses being on lockdown, they are at an increased risk of being burgled. When events happened quickly search to find out who and when these incidents occurred and share imager with police quickly and easily

If you are interested in seeing if this technology can be of use in your organisation, please contact us today for your complimentary software analysis solution for use during this difficult time.

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