Kinesense is supporting the Zoological Society of London (ZSL) in using video search technology for monitoring the Zoo’s meerkat and otter enclosures.

ZSL and Google are running a trial to stream live footage from popular animal enclosures at ZSL London Zoo to YouTube using ‘TV Whitespace’ – unused channels in the broadcast spectrum. The trial aims to show how TV Whitespace can be used to provide wireless connectivity over a large area and better understand how the technology could help support ZSL’s conservation projects around the world.

Google is funding the ‘Whitespace for Wildlife’ project and providing support via their spectrum database.
One of the challenges is dealing with the huge amounts of video created, and quickly detecting animal activity. The video is streamed back and processed with the Kinesense video indexing algorithm where any movement is identified.

Kinesense make cutting edge video analytics software that can search long videos for important or unusual events. Over the past 5 years Kinesense technology has been used by police across Europe and America to investigate the most serious crimes, such as kidnappings, terrorism and homicides.

Dr Mark Sugrue, Kinesense’s CTO notes “We are delighted to support the Whitespace for Wildlife project, and look forward to investigating how our technology can help ZSL in its global conservation work.”


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