With the advent of ISO 17025, video training is becoming more imperative than ever. Kinesense are arrange a number of workshops and training sessions in 2017.

Product Core Training: Suitable for users of Kinesense Video Investigation software to enable video investigations from import to reporting.  This course will take place over 1 day.

Attendees will be introduced to the core principals of  video investigation using Kinesense LE. They will be shown how to set up a case, view video, create search filters and generate reports. Tagging and the creation of interactive viewing logs will also be covered.

This course is based around a number of practical demonstrations. Attendees will be expected to use the Kinesense software to perform practical exercises. It will enable new users to become proficient in the software and existing users to become more more competent.

Advanced Training: Suitable for frequent users and administrators of the Kinesense video investigation platform, this day will enable users to become experts in the functions of the software, configuration settings.  This session also covers strategic issues such as ISO 17025 and digital asset management considerations.

This course is aimed towards advanced users of the software and those responsible for its deployment in their organisation. This course will take place over 1 day. Core training will have already been undertaken.

See ‘Roadshows‘ for details of upcoming potential dates

Haydock  27th September 2017 – Booked out

Bristol 6th December 2017 – Limited availability

Wednesday 24th January 2018


CCTV Investigation workshop: Suitable for people with strategic oversight for video in their force. A range of templates will be provided to help you understand how CCTV is used in your organisation and how you can make changes in your organisation to create faster working practices.

This workshop is suitable for those who have a role to play in making their organisation more effective and efficient or those involved in digital asset management related projects. Understanding what you  have and what you want is the first step but we all know that limited budgets equal limited scope. So what can you do and what are the trade offs, in terms of working practices, infrastructure and security?

To register your interest to attend or find out more, contact us at info@kinesense-vca.com

Take a look at our recent article in Policing Insights to take a look at some of the key considerations

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