Today we’re going to cover three small tips, jumping to a tag on the timeline, navigating to the start of a video and closing all import windows.

Jumping to a tag on the timeline

If you’re working in the tags tab and want to jump back into review to see the tag you’re working on you can use the Jump to Review Timeline button.

By clicking this button the tab will change to the review tab and the timeline marker will just to where the tag was added.

Navigate to the start of a video

The Go to date and time button on the timeline can help you go to a specific date and time but also has some handy buttons to help you navigate the timeline quickly.

Start and End bring to you to the very first and last frame of the video. And if you need to skip to the next or previous day you can do that too.

Close all import windows

If you’ve just finished a bunch of import and want to close all the import windows before starting your next round there’s now a close all button.

That’s it, that’s all it does, just closes all the import windows. It’s a handy little button.