The day has finally come my fellow Kinenerds, version 3.2 is here! When we weren’t working hard on bringing you delightful weekly blogs we’ve been slaving away to bring you this latest release.
For the next few weeks we’ll be going through all the new features, which we started last week with doorway analysis. For the moment, here are some highlights of the new release:

Doorway Analysis

Perfect for your pesky doorway videos. (Check out last week’s post for details:

Face Recognition and Classification

Find faces from an existing database or classify faces with attributes like gender and age. You can review the results on the timeline as before, or on the all new ‘Grid’ tab where you can review a grid of faces and sort them.

Object Distinction

The ‘Standard’ Algorithm now includes an optional ‘deep learning’ algorithm that uses the power of AI to sort the objects it finds into categories. We will be rolling out new categories over the coming months (and its even possible for you to train it on your own data to find specific categories relevant to your work – email us for more information.)

Check out our previous blog post for more details:

Grid Tab

View face classification, face recognition and object distinction results in the new ‘Grid Tab’. This is a way of displaying detection results, and letting you search for key events or suspects.

Find those features plus a whole bunch more in 3.2! For more details on how you get your hands on 3.2 feel free to email us at