Ever look at all the fancy objects you’ve created in tags and wish you could use them in one of your other databases? No? Well this is awkward… I’m going to tell you how to do it anyway just in case you ever get stuck for conversation topics at your next work party.

Export Tag Objects

The first thing you’ll need to do is export out your tag objects. In the tags tab select the objects tab and look at your Actions on the right hand side. There you’ll see a button called Export Tag Objects.

Selecting this will bring up a folder selection dialog. Select the folder you want to save the objects into and click OK.

The objects will then be saved into a new folder called “Kinesense-TagObject-Export” followed by a series of numbers.

Import Tag Objects

To import your objects into a new database, go to objects tab in tags and this time select Import Tag Objects.

Here you’ll be asked to open up a csv file. You’ll find that in the new folder that was just created and it’ll be called KinesenseTagObjectExport.csv. Click open and the objects will appear in your tab.

If they don’t you might need to click the refresh at the bottom left corner.

Now you can be the belle at all the work balls with your riveting object import conversation starter.