The Help tab has gotten a new lick on paint in 3.4. It’s now broken into 5 sections

Getting Started

Getting Started is a brief overview of the software, giving a summary of the different sections like capture,  reporting, maps and tags.

How to videos

This is a list of videos that are embedded into the software that will show you how to do basic features like import, filters and tags. If you have internet access there is also a link to our youtube page with even more how to videos.

Training Videos

If you haven’t made it to one of our online training sessions, they can all be found on our youtube page. This section links you directly to that playlist. Internet is required to access this section.


This opens the manual which goes into detail on all the features in Kinesense.

Tips & Tricks

This will first bring you to a page that breaks down all the tips into different categories. When you select a tip it’ll open up that tip in Kinesense. The internet will be needed for this.

More Info

In the import wizard, beside the first 3 import types, there is now a more info… button. When you click on this a window will pop opening giving you more information on the related import type.

This is broken up into 3 sections, main, videos and tips.

  • The main section gives you excerpts from the manual.
  • Videos contains links to any local videos on the top, any youtube* ‘how to’ videos, or timestamped links to relevant sections of the training videos.
  • The last section is ‘tips’*. This will contain a list of tips related to the current topic.

* An internet connection is required to connect to youtube videos and ‘tips’ pages.