Version 4 of Kinesense is on the verge of being released so here is a preview of some of the new features you’ll be able to enjoy.

New Look


Kinesense has had a major facelift since our last version. This started in 3.4 with the new video list and has extended to all the tabs and icons. The functionality and basic layout hasn’t changed so it should be an easy transition to this new style.

Editing Filter in Review

The other big UI change is the Filters tab has been removed and all the editing functionality has been moved to Review. This will make it easier to edit your filters and see the effect immediately.

Reprocess with Multiple Algorithms

Each video can now be reprocessed with different algorithms and instead of having to delete the original results or having them overlap, they can now be viewed separately on the timeline. Locking on algorithm and selecting a different one allows two algorithms to be displayed at once.

New Classification Categories

More vehicle classifications have been added to the Event Detection & Classification algorithm. Theses include bus, motorbike, bicycle, truck and van. Once imported with this updated algorithm, the results can be viewed in the Grid tab or filters can be created using the new classifications in the Review tab.

Authentication Tab


A new subtab in the Reports tab dedicated to authentication has been added. Here you can compare images, run error level analysis, video the EXIF data, view the image in a hex editor and run JPEG Snoop. The results can then be sent to an image report and exported as normal.

And Much More…

There are plenty more new features and improvements in version 4 that we’ll get into in more detail at a later date. These include licence plate detection using our YOLO plugin, rotating annotations, improvements to Word reports in for tags, disk performance indicator and much much more.

Stay tuned for a more in-depth review of each of the new features in version 4, coming soon to a PC near you!