For those of you following Kinesense stories, you will be aware that Kinesense has been part of a consortium developing a petty crime detection surveillance solution. This project known as P-REACT is partly funded by a grant from the European Commission and is focused on using video and audio analytics to detect petty crime behaviours such as theft, mugging, fighting, graffiti, intrusion etc.

Low-cost intelligent sensors are installed in small business’ premises and transport locations. These intelligent sensors connect to the cloud-based Video Content Management System (VCMS). When an event is detected by the intelligent sensor, a clip of the event is sent to a central monitoring station (to the VMS). An incident initiates a planned procedure, alerting the appropriate security personnel and/or police, while providing them relevant video and intelligence information in order to make decisions and take appropriate action. The solution encourages the community to report petty crime and helps facilitate the upload of images and video captured by citizens.

The solution has had great results in initial trials in both Greece and Italy. To find out more on the P-REACT project, visit

To review the article in the New Scientist, see Computer vision algorithms pick out petty crime in CCTV

The project will now be entering a second phase of trials. If you are interested in learning more, please let us know by sending an email to