Kinesense will be attending the 2017 Australian Police Technology Conference with our partners Pivotal Business Technology on the 28-29 March 2017.

The focus of this exhibition will be on highlighting how Police can implement a digital evidence management process on a scalable enterprise wide basis, whilst getting the best our of video search and synopsis technology.

Four reasons CCTV costs Police more than it needs to:
• Trying to get different formats into a viewable format
• Transferring and sharing video across the organization
• Manually searching and sifting through footage to find key events
• Preparing intelligence, court, and disclosure reports

Pivotal Business Technology are a long time partner of Fotoware, a leading digital asset management solution with a long term presence in the police and commercial market. By combining Kinesense’s innovative video investigation solution with Fotoware’s digital asset management solution, law enforcement agencies can effectively and efficiently deal with video from capture to court and across the criminal justice system.

If you would like to arrange a meeting, please let us know.