Last month we held our UK end user conference in Barnsley. We had fantastic turnout, with lots of familiar faces from across the Northern UK forces. It was a great way to share Kinesense is doing with our users and, more importantly, a chance for us to learn how the Kinesense solution is used in the field. We were delighted to hear that for one of our customers, a major investigation unit, the Kinesense solution has saved them over 20,000 hours of staff time over a 24-month period. At £35 an hour that is £700k saving. A fantastic return on investment!

Apart from using the solution to perform investigations into burglaries, murders and other crimes, we were interested to hear how our customers use the solution for long term intelligence gathering and exploitation. One customer used the ‘tags’ feature to turn thousands of hours of CCTV into a detailed index of 2,000 potential suspect vehicles.

Another customer outlined how they approached ISO 17025 accreditation which gave everyone in the room food for thought. It is expected that practitioners carrying out the recovery, preservation, production and analysis of video material should be accredited to BS EN ISO/IEC 17025:2005 by October 2017. The codes of practice form the basis for best practice in relation to video. For those of you interested in how the Kinesense solution fits in, we have mapped out how our solution range can helps adhere to the codes of practice and we will continue to develop our solutions based on these recommendations.

There was lots of food for thought for Kinesense too. Some really good suggestions at how our solution can be improved in the future. Watch this space!!