Police are increasingly dealing with video from many different sources (mobile, CCTV, BodyWorn etc). The vast amount of video to be watched, significantly delays finding actionable intelligence faster. With video quality improving, facial recognition technology becomes a reality. Kinesense has integrated face recognition leading algorithms evaluated by US National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) to combine face recognition capabilities with video analytics, from capture to court.

The solution enables face detection, matching and recognition in images and video. Automatically find and extract faces in video to save time reviewing footage.  Persons of interest can be tagged and tracked across video sources to map out associations and attributions.

Combining world leading facial recognition technology with the Kinesense video investigation solution provides the most comprehensive and sophisticated video investigation solution for
actionable intelligence faster.

This integration is part of Kinesenses commitment to provide our customers with the latest tools for video exploitation as part of our platform. Read here for more details on Kinesenses Open API policy.

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