Week 2 of Kinesense tech tips and we are looking at a useful feature of video annotation – ‘gaps’. Say you wish to blur a person’s face in a video report, or highlight some incident. In the annotation’s tab, you can have a ‘spotlight’ follow the person of interest and apply the blur. But sometimes you may wish to turn off the blur for a few frames because, for example, the subject has walked behind an object or left the scene for a time. You can just insert a gap when they leave and end it when they come back, causing the annotation to disappear for the duration they’ve gone and then come back in the same spot.

How to do this? Well it’s simple, just right click on annotation bar where you want to start your gap and select “Insert New Gap”.

Then find the point where you want to being the annotation back, right click again and select “End Gap Here”.

And there you have it, a nice new gap has now appeared on the timeline and during that time the annotation shouldn’t appear in your clip.

If you’ve made a mistake with the length of the gap or realise you don’t need it you can just right click on the gap and select one of the editing options. To delete a gap, just right click on it, and select delete. Everything is saved automatically.