Kinesense have been successful in securing a frame work agreement with East Midlands Strategic Commercial Unit (EMSCU) for the provision of video analytics and forensic services for law enforcement. This Framework agreement facilitates the procurement of Kinesenses video investigation platform and also also allows for the provision of Forensic services. So whether you wish to obtain a solution to help you speed up your video investigations or you need a fully managed analyst solution, Kinesense can meet your requirements. See here for a full explanation of our service offering.

Kinesense video investigation solutions are already widely deployed across Serious and Organised Crime Units (SOCU) across the UK. The time savings to date have been phenomenal. Managing Director, Sarah Doyle, highlights that across SOCU teams, on average the time savings are 75% in reviewing video and up to 98%. Added advantages of using the Kinesense platform are obtained from rapid reporting and the ability to automatically produce a disclosure report at the end of your investigation.

The Kinesense investigation platform is designed around unique video algorithms that index and search video to help investigators find events fast. The core Kinesense algorithm is a event or motion detection algorithm that finds all events in video, even if the video is of poor quality and regardless of the format. It is a tried and tested approach and recognised as a good time saver by the courts. More recently, Kinesense has integrated with more advanced algorithms for face detection ad recognition. The power of using these different algorithms together helps making finding the needle int he video haystack easier and faster.

For more of an insight how technology can help you with smarter video evidence practices, see ‘Smarter Video Evidence Investigations

If you are interested in procuring Kinesense services in the UK, please contact Kinesense directly or the Head of Commercial unit in EMSCU.