At Kinesense we’re committed to providing practical solutions to real problems. Which is why we not only offer products but services too. Having Kinesense software as a video investigation platform has proven to provide many advantages including saving time reviewing video, cutting the time it takes to making reports in half and ensuring evidential integrity. However, from time to time our customers need extra support which is why we offer remote technical services and forensic services. For an explanation of these three tiers of Kinesenses offering, see below.

Kinesense Video Investigation Software

We offer a range of software products to help investigators manage video evidence easily. This includes CCTV retrieval, search and reporting tools that help investigators save up to 95% of the time normally spent watching and analysing video. The algorithms we employ in our search and retrieval software allow you to select an area and see all the important events that took place in that area by colour, direction of movement. We have even integrated a face detection solution.

There are many options available depending on your core issue and how your team is organised. If you are tackling Major crime, Kinesense LE is the best solution. If you are only dealing with acquisitive or petty crime, maybe you only need to open videos and PlayerManager can help with that.

How and where your team is structured may determine if you go for a standalone or networked solution. Using Kinesense on a network can greatly team facilitate collaboration helping with the allocation of work and sharing of results.

When you contact Kinesense or one of our partners, we will talk you though your needs in detail and make sure the right technology solution is specified for you.

Remote Technical Assistance

Updates and upgrades are included in a maintenance or an annual subscription contract. However, from time to time, Investigators will need help with a case and this is where having access to Kinesense technical team can really help. We offer remote technical services for further technical issues such as dealing with proprietary players, configuring reports or just getting a quick reminder on how do something. Remote Technical Assistance connects you directly to one of Kinesense technical team you are available to assist you during office hours.

 Forensic Services

Do you need to get video into a viewable format? Do you need to redact faces in video or create a court report? Sometimes, it is easier and quicker to hand over such tasks to experts who can do the job for you. Kinesense offers a range of forensic video services.  Simply, and us your video files and Instructions via DVD. USB or upload your files to Kinesense’s secure server. Our specially trained technicians will review the video and provide you with a price. Using the latest evidentially secure techniques, we will send you the completed job on DVD or make it available for download.

  • Conversion of video into a standard viewable format (e.g. AVI or DVD)
  • Search and review of video for important events.
  • Highlight pertinent information or objects with shapes & text
  • Redact faces or other sensitive information
  • Mute Audio sections
  • Storyboard key video clips for presentation purposes
  • Vehicle collision investigation/ speed analysis

To discuss your needs, contact us today.