If you’ve ever imported a video into Kinesense you’ve probably noticed the Evidence Information page towards the end of the wizard.

This is where you get information into Kinesense about the video you’re importing, like reference number, source location etc. All of these fields can be customised which we’ll go into in another day. Having all that information attached to the video is very handy but… how do you get it out again? Well, you can add the info into the title slide of a video report or as a notes page in image reports.

Video Report

In the video report tab select your clip and navigate to the Title Slide tab. Under the preview of the title slide there is a button called Add Evidence Info. Click this and all the data you’ve stored will appear in the title slide text. You can then edit this as a normal title slide.


Image Report

For images it’s slightly different, first you add a note to your image report:

When you click Add Note a message box will appear asking if you want to add evidence info and if so from which video. It’ll list all the videos that currently appear in your report:

You can then see the new info in the Report Notes tab and edit it there, if you wish: