First off – apologies for the delay to this weeks tips and tricks blog post. Our Dublin office was hit unseasonable blizzard and we were unable to reach our computers. In this post we’ll be covering locking and hiding your annotation. We’ve already covered tips for adding gaps to annotations, so hopefully you’ll be familiar with some annotations tricks already.

Locking Annotations

Sometimes when you have a lot of annotations on your video you can be at risk of accidentally moving one that you’re already finished. You mightn’t even notice this until you’ve exported your video. If you’ve finished editing an particular annotation and are ready to move on to the next one you can lock it. You do this by selecting the little lock icon beside your annotation on the left hand side.


When you want to edit that annotation again you can click on the lock icon and it’ll unlock the annotation for you.

Hiding Annotations

There might also be times when you want to hide annotations. This could be if you have a lot of annotations on the screen and need a better view or if you’re making more than one video where you have to highlight different people and blur everyone else. Instead of making the same annotations in 3 different clips you can do all the annotations in one clip and then either turn off the annotation you want and export the clip 3 times or make 2 copies over the clip and turn off different annotations in each of the clips depending on the end result you want. To do this click the ‘eye’ button on the right of the annotation you want to hide, to the right of the lock button.


These hidden annotations will carry over to export, so when the clip in the second image is exported my joy over seeing snow for the first time in a decade wont be shown. If you want to show the hidden annotations again just click the button once more and they’ll reappear.