The advanced import section in the import wizard has a lot of power tools. We previously went over the Preprocess Scripts section where you can add your own ffmpeg command to run before importing the video into Kinesense. Analyse Specific Region is another useful tool hidden within the advanced section.

Analyse Specific Region allows the user to set the region of the video they want to process. Take the above video for example. In this case we want to just process the bottom half of the video as we are only interested in the road and a strong breeze is causing a lot of movement from the trees in the top half. Before hitting Begin Processing in the Summary page we expand out the Advanced… section and select the Processing tab.

Here we’ll find the Analysis Region section. Clicking the checkbox beside Analyse Specific Region allows us to use the region selection box and pick the area we want analysed. Clicking and dragging the mouse across the boxes will highlight that area in green, the green section being the area that will be analysed.

When everything’s set click Begin Processing and Kinesense will import as usual but only process details from the bottom half of the video.