A few weeks back we first looked at the Settings Editor and the Digital Evidence Info tab. Today we’re going to look at the Video Title Slide Layout.

Video Title Slide

A title slide is an image that appears at the start of a clip or image in an exported report. It generally contains information about the clip/image that follows. Adding text, increasing the duration and changing the slide images can all be done from the Title Slide tab in the bottom of the Video Report tab. Previously we talked about how to Add Evidence Info to the title slide. A preview of what the slide is going to look like appears on the right hand side. If you want to change what information is automatically applied to the slide, the font or positioning of the text you can do this in the Settings Editor. (You can open the Settings Editor from the Options menu. You require Windows Administrator rights to do this)

Video Title Slide Layout

In the Settings Editor there is a tab called Video Title Slide Layout. Here you have several settings related to the title slide.

General Settings

These are the settings that apply to the entire slide. Here you can change the front type and size. The header and footer images can be turned off. Line position refers to the space between the top of the slide and the first line of text. Left and Right position are the same for the left and right sides of the slide. Spacing changes the space between each line of text.

Individual Settings

Each piece of information that can be added to the title slide can be customised. The checkbox indicates if the information is going to be includes in the title slide. Note that if this is clicked but there is no data for that bit of information then the title and the info wont be displayed. You can also change the label and the colour of the font.

To see the changes you’ve made check save and then start typing away in the Title Slide tab of Video Report, the results will show up in the preview window.

Have a play around with it, remember you always have the ability to restore the default setting. We don’t want you to be stuck with a monstrosity like mine.