The clip editing tool in the report tab allows you to extend or shorten the clip you’ve taken without have to go back to the review tab and take it again.

To enable the clip editing tools, click on Edit Clip   and editing on the clip will be enabled. If you want to remove the start of the clip, select on the yellow bar until the clip where you want the clip to start from. Then click Start Here  and the part of the clip you want to remove should be greyed out on the timeline.

When you’re happy with that you can click Confirm Selectionand the grey section of the timeline will be removed. For removing the end of the video it’s the same process except this time instead of using Start Here you’ll select End Here 

To extend a clip past the start or end of the current selection make sure the blue bar is at the start or end. Use the frame by frame buttons to extend out the clip and then use either Start Here or End Here as above.

If you aren’t happy with what you’ve selected, before you click Confirm Select, you can just Cancel  what you’ve done.