Since we’ve managed to stave off melting for another week we’re going to talk today about adding named users to LE. By default, LE doesn’t require a username or password, but you can switch this feature on – which we call ‘named users’. If you have a named user licence for LE you’ll need a username and password to access Kinesense. There are two different ways to add your logon details so you can log in. When logged in, all the actions of the user are logged for disclosure reporting and the Kinesense Advantage

Named User List

The first way to get log on details for your system is to email us the username and passwords you want to use and we’ll create a file called NamedUsers.List for you. To add this to LE open the software and make your way to the logon details screen. (note if this is your first time setting up the system you need to input the licence key first so your very first time logging you wont need your logon details)

Click the Add New User button and then expand the Advanced section.

Click Import Named User List File and select the NamedUsers.List we’ve supplied you with. Then you can log into Kinesense using your supplied details.


User Tokens

Another way to add individual users to Kinesense is through our user dashboard website (Contact Kinesense tech support if you need a reminder of your login details). At the top of the website there is a section called Users where you can see existing users you’ve added and add new users.

Selecting Add User from the top right will bring up a form that will allow you to add a new user. Make a note of the password you’ve used as once close the form it wont be stored anywhere in plain text for us to read.

Once you’ve filled out the form and selected Add Named User an access code will be created for that user

This time when you go to add a user instead of going to the Advanced section you just fill out the details including the access code and then click Add User.