KinesenseLE and the standalone PlayerManager application contain a huge list of 3rd party CCTV players in a ‘player library’. If you want to manage your player library but don’t want to leave the comfy confines of LE you can now access a large amount of that functionality from PlayerManager though the Manage Players Options. Nestled between Open Session Logs and Face Recognition in the the Options menu, Manage Players Options contains the ability to apply wholesale changes to your library.

Export Library

If you wish to export the current library you have and load it on another computer you can do this though Export Library. Export All Entries means that you can export the entire library, in this case info on all 895 players. If that’s too much for you, you can select different entries from the list and export them. So if you’ve added 19 players on the 30th of May in 2017 like I did and just want to export the information on those you can by selecting it and clicking Export Selected. This means that you can update other members of your team if you aren’t all working off the same library file, without having to export your entire library.

Import Player Library

Exporting a library creates a .pla file. Import Player Library allows you to import that .pla file back into Kinesense. This will when update your player library file with the new player information.

Map Virtualized Player location

So far we’ve talked about the player library where all the information is stored about the players. If you want to connect this to a folder full of virtualized players, so that you can launch the player from LE or PlayerManager, select Map Virtualized Player location. Select the folder the players are located in and the library will update with all the new player locations.

Download Latest Library File

Getting the latest library file from Kinesense can now be done through LE itself. When you select Download Latest Library File a window will appear telling you the date of the latest library. Clicking Download New Library File will download the file and then update your player library.

Clear Library

Clear Library does exactly what you think it would do, it clears your library.

Restore Backup

If something goes terribly wrong, like you decide after reading this to see what exactly Clear Library does, you can always restore a previous version of your library from a backup.

You can select a backup from the list or browse for a .pla file on your computer. Is also gives you the option to save the current library if you’re just interested in switching back to an earlier version.